‘Glee’ Drama: Is Lea Michele Leading a Mutiny?

Ryan Murphy is supposedly pushing the cast toward rebellion — but not so fast

Last Updated: December 9, 2011 @ 12:16 PM

It sounds like the title of Fox's musical "Glee" might be growing more ironic by the day. 

Us Magazine reports that "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy has turned into nothing short of an ogre, and that it's gotten so bad that star Lea Michele is staging a mutiny.

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Rachel Berry, revolutionary? "The cast has been speaking about banding together against him, and Lea is leading the charge," a source tells the magazine.

Michele's rep denies the magazine's claims, telling TheWrap that the article is "completely false."

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The report cites a grueling schedule as the major reason for the unrest, but there are other factors involved, it says. They include the cast being denied raises for the current season, and not receiving money from "Glee" songs sold on iTunes.

"Things are really bad on set," the magazine's source claims. "The cast talks about how much they love Ryan, but they have grown to hate him."

At one point, according to Us, when Michele complained about going on the "Glee" tour, Murphy replied with a not-so-veiled threat.

"He asked her which of her friends she wanted him to fire," according to a source.

So is there really a revolt in the works?

Besides the denial from Michele's representative (Murphy's spokesperson offered no comment), a look at Michele's Twitter account also suggests that reports of an overthrow at McKinley High might be exaggerated. Sure, Murphy might be a prickly sort — as evidenced by his public feud with Kings of Leon — but Michele's tweets don't exactly read like the journal of a tormented prisoner.

"So thankful for my glee cast and my entire #glee family:)," Michele recently wrote.

And while many of her tweets do reflect a hectic work schedule, there's probably no need to call OSHA to the set just yet.

"Omg been working so hard all day I realized I haven't tweeted in hours!" one tweet notes.

As for getting hosed on "Glee"'s iTunes sales? Michele recently tweeted her elation that the "Glee" tune "We Are Young" had climbed to the top of the iTunes sales chart.

"We Are Young is #1 on iTunes!! That's so amazing!!!" Michele gushed.

Not exactly the words of someone who's enraged at being robbed blind over royalties.