Judge Demands ‘Glee’ Name Change in UK to Avoid Trademark Breach

20th Century Fox also has to pay $170,000 to comedy club chain, The Glee Club


“Glee” will be significantly less full of “glee” in the United Kingdom.

Britain’s High Court has ruled that the TV series must undergo a name change, declaring that it breaches the trademark of comedy club chain, The Glee Club.

Twentieth Century Fox was sued by the venues, and Judge Roger Wyland ruled for the plaintiff due to the “likelihood of confusion” between the brands, the London Associated Press reports. Fox plans to appeal, saying a name change would be unnecessary, unfair and disproportionate.

The studio offered the following statement: “We are pleased that the trial judge agreed to let the Appeal Court rule before ordering any relief that would adversely affect fans’ enjoyment of ‘Glee’ in the UK.  We look forward to the next stage of this case and remain confident in the merits of our argument.”

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Comic Enterprises is also seeking damages from the studio, the AP wrote. Wyland said the final amount was still to be determined, but ordered Twentieth Century Fox to make an interim payment of 100,000 pounds ($170,000).

“I find it hard to believe that the cost of the re-titling and publicizing of the new name would be so prohibitive compared to the value of the series,” Wyland said in his judgment. “I was told many times during the course of the trial how this series is a ‘blockbuster.’”

Still, the re-naming is pending a Court of Appeals decision.