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Jane Lynch Imagines Life as Rupert Murdoch; Slams Sarah Palin & Glenn Beck (Video)

The woman who plays Sue Sylvester on Fox’s ”Glee“ turns her withering wit on her boss’ media empire … at a Wall Street Journal-produced tech conference, of all places

Actress Jane Lynch sure knows how to bite the hand.

The woman who plays the witheringly mean Sue Sylvester on Fox's "Glee" provided some comic relief for the likely dry-as-dust proceedings at this year's D9 tech conference, held by the Wall Street Journal (which, of course, is owned by Fox overlord Rupert Murdoch).

After announcing that she had become acting CEO of Murdoch's media empire News Corp, Lynch said that there were a few changes in store now that there's a new sheriff in town.

Such as? Well, for one, departing Fox News personality Glenn Beck — who's had an unkind word or two to say about Lynch's series — will have his contract extended for a very special swan song.

"I've … convinced Glenn Beck to stay on at Fox for one final gig, as a dying patient on 'House.' His sickness is consuming him from the inside out."

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Lynch further told the crowd that she's also decided to put a certain Fox News contributor and possible 2012 presidential candidate on double duty: "I'm pretty sure we got Sarah Palin to do a guest spot on 'Glee.' She'll perform an original tune I penned, 'Look at Me, I'm Bats-Crazy."

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Someone get Murdoch a bandage, because his hand got bitten hard. Twice.

Watch Lynch's full speech in the video.