‘Glee’ Star Lea Michele to Guest on ‘Sons of Anarchy’

Actress will play will play truck-stop waitress on Kurt Sutter’s biker drama, which she says is her “favorite show”

Lea Michele
Getty Images

Before Comic-Con, “Sons of Anarchy” creator Kurt Sutter teased some big guest casting news. On Monday, the name of the big guest star was revealed when “Glee” star Lea Michele tweeted that she’ll be “appearing on an episode of my favorite show.”

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FX confirmed the casting to TheWrap, adding that Michele will play Gertie, “an empathetic truck-stop waitress and single mother, who connects with Gemma (Katey Sagal) during a difficult time.”  lt’s a dramatic departure from Rachel Berry, the sunny singer she’s played on “Glee” since 2009. She’ll appear in the sixth episode, airing Oct. 14.

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If “Glee” and “SoA” seem like strange bedfellows, remember that Katey Sagal played the role of Artie’s mom on the musical dramadey, so there’s already an established connection. If Lea breaks out into song while hanging with SAMCRO, though, then all bets are off… though Sutter may be thinking of something interesting, according to his response.

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