Glenn Beck Announces Plans for Another ‘Restoring’ Rally — This Time in Jerusalem

Controversial talk show host’s “Restoring Courage” slated for August

Last Updated: May 16, 2011 @ 8:04 AM

Glenn Beck — whose "Restoring Honor" rally last August drew close to 100,000 Tea Partiers to Washington, D.C. — announced on his radio show on Monday plans to hold another rally, this time in Jerusalem.

Beck told listeners this one, "Restoring Courage," will also take place in August.

"Last summer we set out to Restore Honor in Washington, DC," a note on Beck's website reads. "This summer it is time to Restore Courage. Taking a stand is not always easy, but now more than ever it is imperative that we live with conviction and do the right thing. It is time for us to courageously stand with Israel."

“I invite you to join me in Israel this summer to stand together and show the world what living a life of faith and honor really means," Beck stated. "I invite you to join me in my quest to Restore Courage."

"God is involved in man's affairs, but so is the force of darkness," Beck told listeners. "I believe I've been asked to stand in Jerusalem. Many in the history of man have had the opportunity to stand with the Jewish people … and they have failed."

Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally at the Lincoln Memorial featured speeches from Beck, Sarah Palin and a tribute to St. Louis Cardinals’ slugger Albert Pujols. Organizers had a permit for 300,000, though according to CBS News – which commissioned an estimate by a company that uses aerial photography to judge crowd sizes — said about 87,000 people attended the rally.

Beck said on his radio show that he does not expect as many people to attend the rally this time around.

The controversial talk show host is in the final year of his Fox News contract — and Fox and Beck announced earlier this year that it won't be renewed.