Glenn Beck Reveals He’s Kept Serious Neurological Illness Secret for Years (Video)

Speaking on his network TheBlaze, Beck details seizures, neuropathy and the slow degradation of his memory and cognitive abilities

Glenn Beck presented a candid and detailed monologue about his long struggle with a mysterious neurological illness on his network, TheBlaze, Monday night. Alongside his wife, the former Fox News host broke down the long progression of the illness over years, and the grim prognosis he received from doctors.

He described phantom pains in his limbs, as if bones were broken or he were stepping on broken glass, and the slow degradation of his memory. At first, he would lose the ability to recall when things happened, but it escalated to the point he struggled with whole conversations and people’s faces.

He described times when his friends and staff learned to cover for him when symptoms cropped up while he was working. But one symptom he embraced. He was sleeping two to four hours a night, feeling very productive, but never getting the necessary REM sleep.

And throughout it all, doctors could not tell him what was wrong. At first, his multiple symptoms were considered unconnected, but ultimately it was narrowed down to some kind of mysterious neurological disorder.

When he scored in the bottom 10 percent on a test for people with traumatic brain injury about a year and a half ago, and with his symptoms escalating, Beck was told he would lose the ability to function in five to 10 years.

By this point, Beck admitted that his wife would sometimes have to tie his shoes or button his shirts. He suffered seizures while flying and sleeping, showing one of them to his audience. And yet all along he never gave up hope and finally, he got some answers at the Carrick Brain Centers in Texas.

“We went and after a few short visits they found that I had several things going on — from an autoimmune disorder to adrenal fatigue, and they found the connection on everything that was going on,” Beck said.

Months into a treatment plan and with lifestyle changes across the board, Beck says he has rounded the corner and changed his prognosis. He said his brain is “back online in a big way,” attributing his recovery to his faith and the doctors at the Carrick Brain Centers.

Watch Beck’s full discussion about his health conditions beginning in the video above, and then continuing in the videos below.