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Glenn Beck Online: Same Show, No Need to Filter

The former Fox News host takes shots at many similar foes in his first show online, and points out that no one has the power to object anymore

For all those Glenn Beck fans who wanted more of their favorite talking head over the past two months, he debuted his new "Glenn Beck" show Monday, a two-hour program that is the centerpiece of his new Internet-based GBTV network.

Beck had (or chose) to leave Fox News at the end of June after his act led to conflict with the network. Advertisers had fled, others protested and his numbers began to sag. 

Content-wise, not much seems different about this new show. There was Beck, center-stage in front of an audience, railing against billionaire financier George Soros, hawking gold and using his blackboards (but this one spins!).

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An early graphic even had a red background and white lettering similar to what one would see on Fox.

While new additions include the use of reporters and news updates from "The Blaze," the real change is that this show awards Beck a new type of freedom.

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This was readily apparent when Beck said he had changed the planned schedule to include a different segment and then added "If you don't like the next segment, cancel your subscription."

Now Beck needs those subscribers. As he said, they are his one and only sponsor.

However, he has editorial control, he owns the network and if the Wall Street Journal's story Monday morning is to be believed, he has already lured in a good stable of followers.

It remains to be seen how that base grows and whether anything he says can turn that loyal following away.