Glenn Beck Thinks His Website Will Replace the New York Times

On heels of ex-HuffPo hire for, conservative host sounds off on newspapers

A day after Glenn Beck hired Betsy Morgan, the former Huffington Post chief, to run his four-month-old website, The Blaze, the conservative lightning rod was doing what he does best: fanning ridiculous but (HuffPo) headline-friendly media flames on his radio show.

Here’s a partial transcript of what he said (via Mediaite):

The Huffington Post, say what you will about it, I don’t read it … but you must give them credit, they’re brilliant … mark my words, The Huffington Post will be The Washington Post, it will be the replacement  … that’s the place that they’re going to occupy in the future. They’re not going to occupy that space alone. There will be a credible, large replacement for The New York Times with possibly a slightly different view on life. Welcome to the future of The Blaze.

As TheWrap noted on Wednesday, Morgan’s hire is not insignificant. By tapping an established new media veteran like Morgan, Beck is indicating that he is serious about expanding the digital presence of his brand of firebrand conservatism. It also represents an odd couple pairing of sorts — as Morgan is jumping from left leaning Post to the online arm of one of the leading lights of the Tea Party movement. 

You can also listen to the audio here.