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Will Dennis Return to ‘Always Sunny’ or Not? Glenn Howerton ‘Can Confirm’ – But He Won’t (Video)

You’re killing us, Glenn

Does Glenn Howerton know if his character Dennis Reynolds will return for Season 13 of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”? Sure! Will he confirm it to you? Absolutely not. Ugh.

Howerton — who is currently starring on NBC’s new comedy “AP Bio” dropped by the “Late Late Show” to give us absolutely no new information on his alter ego’s involvement with the upcoming installment of the FXX series. But since he did it in the most “Dennis”-like way, we’ll forgive him that.

Host James Corden asked the actor the question we’ve been all wanting to ask him (and actually have been, repeatedly) since his character made what seemed like a permanent exit from the long-running comedy at the end of Season 12: Can he confirm he’s coming back?

“Yeah, I can confirm it,” Howerton said, to a cheering audience. “But I won’t.” Aw, rats.

“Yes, he yeah, he maybe will come back — or, or he won’t,” Howerton added. “And it’s gonna be great. And, but I can confirm that he will or will not come back.”

The actor’s remarks follow a recent interview his “It’s Always Sunny” co-star Kaitlin Olson did with TheWrap, in which she confirmed Dennis would appear in at least a few episodes of Season 13.

Soon after said interview was published last week, Howerton took to Twitter to call out Olson’s comments.

“Sorry, guys but, that stupid dumb flightless bird doesn’t know what she’s saying,” Howerton tweeted, referencing Olson’s character, Dee Reynolds, who the other characters often compare to a bird. “Dennis is NOT confirmed for season 13. We are writing now. Stay tuned.”

“Apparently some bird has been going around squawking about Dennis being confirmed for season 13,” he added in another tweeted. “We don’t have a bird on our writing staff. Birds don’t know anything.”

Watch the clip above and see Howerton’s tweets below.

Season 13 of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is expected to premiere next year. Readers can watch Howerton Thursdays on NBC’s “A.P. Bio,” which airs at 8:30/7:30c.

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