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Globe Nominees React: They’re All Grateful

James Franco is excited, Colin Firth is euphoric, and Michael Douglas was ready for good news

UPDATED: The count continues – and five hours after the announcement of the Golden Globe nominations, here are the standings:

Grateful: 16
Thrilled: 15
Honored: 14
Delighted: 3

Those are the most common phrases used in that nominations-morning tradition, the reaction statement. So while James Franco, Colin Firth, Aaron Sorkin, David O. Russell, Tom Hooper, Alec Baldwin, Scott Rudin and Richard Zanuck have all issued statements proclaiming that they're grateful to have been nominated, only Kevin Spacey, Danny Boyle and (again) Hooper said they're delighted.

Michael DouglasOf course it's silly to complain about clichés in reaction statements – that's what they're for, and what are honorees supposed to say except that they're honored and thrilled and grateful?

So kudos to Colin Firth, who came up with the more distinctive word euphoric  in his statement; to Christopher Nolan and Jeremy Renner, who put spins on grateful by using gratifying and gratitude, respectively; and to Michael Douglas (left) for the pointed “To be selected with these extraordinary nominees is an honor and boy was I ready for some good news!”

But the best reaction statement came on the TV side, where "House" star Hugh Laurie followed the boilerplate "I am thrilled and honoured" with "I am now going to turn the house upside down looking for that other cufflink."

Excerpts from the statements:

Jesse Eisenberg (Best Actor – Drama, "The Social Network"):
“It was an honor to be part of this wonderful movie and we're so glad it was acknowledged by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.”

Colin Firth (Best Actor – Drama, "The King's Speech"):
"I'm truly grateful to be recognized by the Hollywood Foreign press for this film, and euphoric to be in the company of so many of my colleagues."

James Franco (Best Actor – Drama, "127 Hours"):
“I’m especially grateful to the HFPA for this honor and I’m excited to see '127 Hours' being recognized this awards season. I’m happy for Danny Boyle and his team and our DP’s Quique and Anthony who were there with me down in the canyon!  I am so proud of the film and that Aron Ralston’s story has been well received!”

Ryan Gosling (Best Actor – Drama, "Blue Valentine"):
"I am very grateful to the HFPA. I also would like to thank them for acknowledging Michelle Williams for her incredible performance. Without the 12 years of director Derek Cianfrance’s unwavering vision and commitment none of this would have been possible. I share this nomination with both of them."

Nicole Kidman (Best Actress – Drama, "Rabbit Hole"):
“It took more than four years to get our little movie off the ground, and to be recognized for my work in a film that means so much to me is truly such an honor. Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press for your continued support.”

Jennifer Lawrence (Best Actress – Drama, "Winter's Bone"):
"Working on 'Winter's Bone' with such talented people was an incredible experience, and never did I dream that it would lead to this moment. I'm so proud of this movie and words can't describe being in the company of these extraordinary actresses. 'Thank you,' is the best I can do right now."

Natalie Portman (Best Actress – Drama, "Black Swan"):
“I’m very honored by the HFPA nomination, and to be included in this group of actresses I so admire. The experience of filming “Black Swan” with Darren Aronofsky and our incredible crew is already the most fulfilling experience of my career. The audience appreciation of the film is only furthering how grateful and proud I am to be part of the film.”

Michelle Williams and Ryan GoslingMichelle Williams (Best Actress – Drama, "Blue Valentine"):
“This nomination is an honor and I am thrilled to share it with my friend, my co-conspirator, and my favorite dance partner, Ryan Gosling. Thank you so much to The Hollywood Foreign Press, the Weinstein Company and of course to the inestimable Derek Cianfrance, whose vision led and sustained us all.”

Paul Giamatti (Best Actor – Musical or Comedy, "Barney's Version"):
“Thank you to everyone at The HFPA. It’s a great thrill to be honored for this performance. I believe Richard made a lovely movie, and I am really happy for the film to be recognized. I share this with Rosamund, Dustin and all the cast and crew, who were a joy to work with.”

Kevin Spacey (Best Actor – Musical or Comedy, "Casino Jack"):
“I am so delighted at this nomination. For me it is a tribute to my late director, George Hickenlooper, having directed me in this performance. I hope this will give people a reason to discover the film, and I am very proud indeed to be included in this year’s nominees for the Golden Globes."

Michael Douglas (Best Supporting Actor, "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps"):
“To be selected with these extraordinary nominees is an honor and boy was I ready for some good news!”

Andrew Garfield (Best Supporting Actor, "The Social Network"):
“I'm very touched to have been nominated by the HFPA this morning and am thrilled that 'The Social Network' has been recognized, as well as David, Aaron, Jesse and Trent. The process of making this movie was an incredibly creative and joyous experience and to see the film honored in this way is truly a thrill and is something for which I'm very grateful.”

Jeremy Renner (Best Supporting Actor, "The Town"):
"I raise a cup of coffee, grinning from ear to ear at this very early hour, to the HFPA with gratitude as this represents an enormous milestone for me personally as an artist and I will be forever indebted to Ben Affleck my partner in crime."

Geoffrey RushGeoffrey Rush (Best Supporting Actor, "The King's Speech"):
“Playing an Australian commoner called upon to teach a reluctant English king some life lessons for me was fascinating in itself. To have it embraced by American audiences  and to be so honored by the HFPA only endorses how global this story has become … I’m very proud to be a part of this film and thrilled for my colleagues who were also nominated in such illustrious company.”

Amy Adams (Best Supporting Actress, "The Fighter"):
“What an exciting morning for our film, especially when you consider what a terrific year it was for movies. Thank you Hollywood Foreign Press Association for this honor and also for recognizing Mark, Melissa, Christian and David’s great work. I am deeply proud of the film and to be honored for it is icing on the cake.”

Darren Aronofsky (Best Director, "Black Swan"):
“I am very thankful to the HFPA for this honor. The prestige of the nominations draws attention to independent films like 'Black Swan' and I think helps get these small films made.  I am also so thrilled for my actors Natalie and Mila who gave me their spirits to film and risked losing toenails every day.”

Christian Bale and Mark WahlbergDavid O. Russell (Best Director, "The Fighter"):
“This film's been a fighter from the start to finish, from the true story of Micky Ward’s struggle to find himself and become a champion, to Mark Wahlberg’s struggle to get this movie made, to the scrappy way we made the film in 33 days, to the actors who took on the roles with a ferocity that is not to be matched. I'm grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press, and our producers, David Hoberman, Todd Lieberman, Ryan Kavanaugh, Relativity, and Paramount for believing in our story.”

Christopher Nolan (Best Director, "Inception"):
"I'd like to thank the HFPA for recognizing all of our hard work on 'Inception.' It is particularly gratifying to be recognized for a film you've carried with you so long, and shared with so many incredible artists and craftsmen across six countries.  It is a great honor and we are thrilled to be apart of such a prestigious group of nominees."

Tom Hooper (Best Director, "The King's Speech"):
"I am absolutely thrilled and honored to be nominated for the Golden Globe for best director, and hugely grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press for all our seven Golden Globe nominations … I am so grateful to my extraordinary cast and crew for helping to bring this unlikely story of friendship to life.  Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press for supporting our film and making me very happy at two in the morning in Melbourne, Australia. What a fantastic way to follow up the Australian premiere of ‘The King's Speech!’”

Iain Canning and Emile Sherman (producers, Best Motion Picture – Drama, "The King's Speech"):
“This time last year we were knee deep in snow in a small town in the midlands shooting scenes to accompany Colin Firth's final speech. A year later to be nominated for seven Golden Globes is truly incredible. We all hope to be better versions of ourselves and that's what makes 'The King's Speech' timeless. Audiences are connecting with Bertie's struggle and his enduring friendship with Logue at a time when we can easily forget what is important in life.”

Scott Rudin (producer, Best Motion Picture – Drama, "The Social Network"):
"I couldn’t be more thrilled for my colleagues that we were recognized so richly this morning.  Huge thanks to the HFPA for a big vote of confidence in our film – we’re very grateful and very honored."

Dana Brunetti (producer, Best Motion Picture – Drama, "The Social Network"):
"A huge thank you to the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. I am thrilled and extremely grateful that ' The Social Network ' has been acknowledged. I am eternally grateful to David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin for creating a film of which we are all so proud."

Alice in WonderlandRichard D. Zanuck (producer, Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy, "Alice in Wonderland"):
"I'm thrilled with the nomination of 'Alice in Wonderland' and find it truly an honor. I'm mostly grateful to Tim Burton, whose vision and genius made this film so magical."

Lee Unkrich (director, Best Animated Feature, "Toy Story 3"):
"'Toy Story 3' has been an amazing journey for me and everyone at Pixar. These characters are like family to us, and we long thought their story felt unfinished. We owe a great debt of gratitude to everyone at Disney and Pixar, but especially to the audiences around the world who embraced 'Toy Story 3.'"

Nathan Greno (co-director, Best Animated Feature, "Tangled"):
“It's a true highpoint in our careers to have Tangled acknowledged by the Hollywood Foreign Press. The nomination is a real thrill and an incredible way to honor Walt Disney Animation's 50th feature film."

Byron Howard (co-director, Best Animated Feature, "Tangled"):
"'Tangled' has been a labor of love since its beginning, and the passion and dedication of our crew shows in every frame.”

Dean DuBlois(writer/director, Best Animated Feature, "How to Train Your Dragon"):
“It has been an amazing year for animation. The bar has been raised on every level, from smaller indy productions to big studio releases. I’m proud of our industry as a whole for its inspired, brave, and innovative work – and I speak for the entire 'HTTYD' crew in saying that we’re incredibly honored to be included in the group that represents the best of such a ground-breaking year. Thanks to HFPA for the acknowledgement and good luck to all of the nominees.”

Chris Sanders(writer/director, Best Animated Feature, "How to Train Your Dragon"):
“I woke up this morning to the news that 'Dragon' was nominated for a Golden Globe. Whoo hoo! (I really did make a Whoo-hoo noise when I heard). First, I have to congratulate all of our artists that made this film. Everything about this movie was a bold departure in every aspect, and it is wonderful that it is being recognized. Second, I think I will have another cup of coffee to celebrate. This time, extra sugar!”

Danny Boyle (Best Screenplay, "127 Hours"):
“We're absolutely delighted to be included in the nominations for the Golden Globes especially as HFPA were so generous to us on 'Slumdog' two years ago. I'm particularly pleased for James as it's such a brave and exhilarating performance, and for Aron Ralston who took such a leap of faith in letting us tell his story in such an uncompromising way.”

Simon Beaufoy (Best Screenplay, "127 Hours"):
"It is a great honor to be nominated for a Golden Globe. Thank you to the HFPA. We could never have found the key to unlocking this script without Aron's help and permission to tell his story with unflinching eyes. Nor would this script have worked without James in front of the camera and Danny and his team behind the camera. They made the words fly."

Aaron Sorkin (Best Screenplay, "The Social Network"):
"I've had the time of my life working alongside my colleagues on 'The Social Network' and I'm grateful to the HFPA for recognizing their great, hard work. On a personal note it's humbling to be nominated alongside six of the best screenwriters in town."

AR Rahman (Best Score, "127 Hours"):
“I am very grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press, for recognizing our film. To collaborate with Danny Boyle is a joy in itself, and to receive recognition for the score makes it all the more joyous. This is a blessing beyond words.”

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (Best Score, "The Social Network"):
"We are incredibly flattered by the recognition we're receiving for our work scoring 'The Social Network.'  Working with David Fincher and his team ranks among the most rewarding creative experiences either of us have experienced, and we are thankful for the opportunity.  Being part of a team and watching a project you truly believe in resonate with the outside world is its own reward, but this feels pretty great, too.”

Alan Menken (Best Song, "Tangled"):
"It is so thrilling to be nominated with such great people. It's Disney's 50th animated film, my 10th Disney musical and it feels like my first time all over again!" 

Tilda SwintonLuca Guadagnino (director, Best Foreign-Language Film, "I Am Love"):
"It is an incredible honor and joy to be embraced with such warmth and appreciation by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for the work and sacrifices we made on 'I Am Love.'  I am humbled that in Hollywood  and America in general – as well as the international community – this film has enjoyed an acclaimed and embraced theatrical release. It is truly unexpected and further strengthens my belief in the power of the language of film. I celebrate this amazing result by thanking my partners in First Sun, all my producers and of course with my wonderful star Tilda Swinton."

Hugh Laurie (Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama, "House"):
"I am thrilled and honoured. I am now going to turn the house upside down looking for that other cufflink."

Robert Carlock (executive producer, Best Television Series – Comedy or Musical, "30 Rock"):
"It is truly an honor to be nominated.  We couldn't be more thrilled.  Our table will require two vegetarian meals.  Is now the time to deal with this?"