Gloria Steinem Interview Sparks Apology From Lands’ End Following Pro-Life Outrage

“You want to kill off possible future customers?” one of numerous unhappy consumers asks

Clothing company Lands’ End has issued an apology, after pro-life customers expressed outrage over an interview with feminist icon Gloria Steinem in its catalog.

“Some customers were troubled and concerned that we featured an interview with Gloria Steinem in a recent catalog. Lands’ End is committed to providing our loyal customers and their families with stylish, affordable, well-made clothing,” the company said in a statement published on its Facebook account on Thursday. “We greatly respect and appreciate the passion people have for our brand.”

The company added, “It was never our intention to raise a divisive political or religious issue, so when some of our customers saw the recent promotion that way, we heard them. We sincerely apologize for any offense.”

The apology came after the company drew swift and sharp criticism from customers via social media.

“Those of us who love family, love children, are completely puzzled why you would promote a very vocal pro abortion celebrity. Is this who you are LandsEnd? Are you anti-child?” one commenter asked on the company’s Facebook page. “You want to kill off possible future customers?”

The customer advised others to send back their Lands’ End clothing to the company for a refund.

“How do I get the catalog stopped,” another (presumably former) customer asked. “Our business once purchased logo shirts but as of today that stops.”

“I also received that catalog and agree. After being a 20-year customer,” another unhappy consumer noted. “I’m done. Gloria Steinem?? What an odd business decision.”

Steinem has not yet responded to TheWrap’s request for comment.