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‘GMA’ Host Lara Spencer Under Fire for Cozy Donald Trump Photo

”You wouldn’t catch anyone on @todayshow doing this,“ Instagram user says about ABC morning show host appearing to sit on Trump’s lap

“Good Morning America” co-host Lara Spencer fielded a lot of heat this week after posting an Instagram photo of herself appearing cozy sitting on Donald Trump’s lap.

Trump, who appeared on the ABC morning show on Tuesday, is sitting as Spencer wraps her arms around him.

“You wouldn’t catch anyone on @todayshow doing this,” one Instagram user said about the cozy picture. Others complaining called it “cringeworthy” and “unbelievable.”

It seems like she is sitting on his lap, but ABC explained that wasn’t the case and Trump was seated on a tall chair with Spencer standing next to him.

Spencer also took to Instagram to clear things up.

“Let’s clear this up – I’m standing next to Donald Trump. Said a quick hello and welcomed him to the GMA studio for first time since he announced his candidacy.”