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WWE Legend Goldberg Confirms He’s Returning to ‘Raw’ (Video)

Watch your (massive) back, Brock Lesnar

Pro wrestling legend Bill Goldberg has assured the WWE Universe that he will be returning to the ring — at least to respond to Paul Heyman’s recent challenge.

Heyman, who is the so-called Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar’s “advocate,” called out the icon Goldberg last night on the pro wrestling promotion’s flagship USA Network show, “Monday Night Raw.” This morning, Goldberg gladly took him up on the offer.

Here’s the other mountain of a man’s Twitter response:

“Goldberg: You sir, are hereby challenged to a fight,” Heyman had said last night. “One-on-one. Beast versus The Myth. Icon versus icon. Anywhere, any place, any time. Brock Lesnar versus Goldberg!”

“In Suplex City, you’re not Goldberg,” the mic-man concluded, “You’re ‘Next!'”

Watch Heyman’s challenge via the video above.

Goldberg is currently one up on Lesnar in their seemingly renewed rivalry, which Heyman says keeps him and his killing machine up at night.

While Goldberg had previously retired to his far-removed farm, Lesnar still wrestles part-time, in between real fights in the UFC. It looks like the 49-year-old may be donning his black underwear once more.

The two very high-profile grapplers are likely setting up a fight for WWE’s upcoming “Royal Rumble” or even “WrestleMania 33.” The Rumble is slated for San Antonio’s Alamodome on January 29, 2017. “WrestleMania,” the Super Bowl of pro wrestling, will take place on April 2 in Orlando, Florida.