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Golden Globes: Laverne Cox Just Asked Us to Google ‘Extradiegetic,’ So We Did

The ”Promising Young Woman“ actress dropped the impressive term while talking about ”Bridgerton“

Laverne Cox dropped a serious SAT word during her virtual red carpet interview at Sunday’s Golden Globes.

When asked by E! host Karamo Brown what she loved about “Bridgerton,” Cox mentioned the “extradiegetic” soundtrack.

“It’s a period piece that is so much fun,” the “Promising Young Woman” actress said. “The anachronisms, the music — when it’s extradiegetic, Google it — it’s very anachronistic. It can be a Britney Spears song with a string quartet played in a very Baroque way. And the story is so much fun and yes, the Duke is insanely fine.”

So we Googled it for you.

According to TheFreeDictionary, extradiegetic means “the presentation of a narrative without direct dramatic imitation of the events, scenes, or characters described.”

In other words, it’s elements that do not exist in the world of the film.

In the Netflix period series, it’s the music from contemporary artists, including Ariana Grande’s “Thank U Next” and Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams.”

You can check out the full list of classical covers and extradiegetic songs from “Bridgerton” here.

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