Golden Globes: Ryan Reynolds Shared a Kiss With Andrew Garfield

Even though Reynolds lost to the other Ryan, he offered a great Globes moment

ryan gosling ryan reynolds andrew garfield kissing golden globes best actor

Ryan Reynolds may have just made his wife Blake Lively a little jealous.

While all eyes were on “La La Land” winner Ryan Gosling, The “Deadpool” actor and Andrew Garfield shared a kiss on Sunday evening that many people probably missed during a fleeting on-camera moment.

The quick intimacy happened as almost everyone in the room was applauding Gosling as he made his way to the stage to accept his Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical award for “La La Land.” Reynolds was also nominated in the category.

The exact reason behind the kiss is still unclear.

Perhaps Reynolds and Garfield were so ecstatic over Gosling’s win that they decided to celebrate. Or maybe the actor was tired of the other Ryan having all the attention and wanted to be in the spotlight for a bit. Whatever the reason was, the Internet definitely noticed.

Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield kissing is all I really wanted from tonight,” tweeted one TV fan.

Other people were just shocked by the randomness of it all.

“I can’t believe Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds just started randomly making out,” said another user.

Even though Reynolds lost to the other Ryan, he seemingly won the Golden Globes.

The kiss happens about seven seconds in. Watch the video here.