Fox Reporter Gets Plowed With Snow (Video)

While he wasn’t hurt, “Good Day Philadelphia” Steve Keeley revealed the incident has led to his worst fear — becoming a viral news blooper

Last Updated: August 4, 2014 @ 11:10 AM

The Philadelphia area was hit with more snowfall on Monday, and Fox29 reporter Steve Keeley was hit the worst when a snowplow sprayed him with a heavy wave of slush in the middle of his live weather report from Woodstown, NJ.

Screams from behind the camera are heard in the blooper (above), but Keeley weathered on without missing a beat as he continued to talk about how the high winds are causing snowdrifts, which are rendering snowplows ineffective.

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Although some headlines claim Keeley was “nearly killed” by the plow, the “Good Day Philadelphia” correspondent clarified on Twitter that it just “looks like it hurt,” and gave viewers his blessing to “have a laugh” — even if he’s lost a career-long battle with the internet.

“Ever since the invention of YouTube, I have done everything I could to avoid being a YouTube star,” Keeley told “Good Day” anchor Mike Jerrick. “And I think that hit will be on YouTube.”

Called it.