New All-Platform Good Housekeeping Site — a Template for Hearst

Hearst’s largest magazine by circulation introduces an e-commerce element that other Hearst publications may adopt

Good Housekeeping has relaunched its website, which is optimized with HTML 5 to function across multiple platforms such as computers, tablets and mobile devices.

The new site is not just notable for its redesign, but also for its new product channel, which permits consumers to research and compare products and then click a link to purchase the product.

The product channel has been integrated with social media such as Facebook and Twitter so that a consumer can share their purchases or compare products.

As Good Housekeeping is the first of Hearst’s magazines to use HTML 5 for its site, it will serve as a template for other Hearst sites as well. Magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Esquire will adopt flipbooks, and, when relevant, the e-commerce functionality of

HTML 5 makes it so that a website will resize for a number of screen sizes, permitting consumers to bring the content with them wherever they are.

The new Boston Globe website,, launched yesterday and is another example of an HTML 5-built site. 

Good Housekeeping has the largest print circulation of any Hearst magazine at more than 4.6 million, and claims to reach nearly 25 million readers a month. 126 year young, its relaunched site was spearheaded by its own Good Housekeeping Research Institute.