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‘The Good Place’ Star D’Arcy Carden Reveals What She Would Do With a Janet

Somehow, TheWrap is the first to ask

On NBC’s “The Good Place,” D’Arcy Carden plays Janet, an artificial being assisting the show’s inhabitants with their every need. The character is pretty much an actually super-helpful (and hilarious) version of Siri — but what would Carden herself do with someone to cater to her every need?

TheWrap asked the Upright Citizens Brigade alum exactly that. Somehow, we were the first to ever pose that to the fan favorite.

“Basically, whatever cool concert was playing, I would have her get me front row tickets and backstage passes — she would be my concert concierge,” Carden said. “I see a lot of live music in L.A., and that’s kind of like my — not that it’s my vice or anything like that. But that’s the thing that I really spend money on and spend time on and to have a Janet hook me up — that would really come in handy.”

“I also hate shopping,” she threw in. “I hate going to a mall or shopping or trying on clothes. So, I think I’d have Janet be my personal shopper.”

TheWrap also asked Carden if playing Janet has made her feel empathy for A.I. women, like Microsoft’s Cortana.

“This is real,” the recurring “Broad City” actresses told us. “I definitely do. It’s not just because I play Janet.”

“I always have had something with robots since I was a little kid. There’s some sort of connection,” Carden continued, adding that she makes her friends use “Please” and “Thank you” with Amazon’s Alexa. “It’s also even just like a ‘Pinocchio’ thing… in a way, Janet is a sort of a Pinocchio.”

Catch Janet and the “Good Place” gang Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. on NBC.