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Google Must Submit to Privacy Audits for 20 Years Under FTC Settlement

The Federal Trade Commission had charged Google with deceptive privacy practices in its Buzz social network

Google's settlement with the Federal Trade Commission over what the feds called deceptive tactics became official Monday.

Under the terms of the settlement, Google will submit to independent privacy audits for the next 20 years.

It's the first time the FTC has charged a company with privacy violations.

The company acknowledged in March that it had erred.

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The company also must obtain permission from users before it shares their information with third parties in any new ways.

According to the FTC, "the settlement resolves charges that Google used deceptive tactics and violated its own privacy promises to consumers when it launched its social network, Google Buzz, in 2010."

Google agreed to the settlement in March, but a comment period was in place until the settlement became effective.