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Google Maps Turns Hollywood Blvd. Into Pac-Man Board

The tech giant has created a playable version of the navigation website

Hollywood denizens can take out their traffic frustration on little blue ghosts now that Google Maps has created a playable Pac-Man version.

The tech giant hasn’t explained why the game popped up early Tuesday, although the company has been known to create April Fool’s Day jokes (though this bit of fun comes a day early).

Google Maps Pac-Man works best on the Chrome browser, according to some very un-scientific testing. No word on whether the feature is available on mobile apps.

In 2010, the folks at Google created a playable Google Doodle to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the 8-bit game.

In case you want to use Google Maps to actually get somewhere today, don’t worry: the Pac-Man feature is currently a toggle on the lower lefthand corner, just like “Earth” view, so you can switch back to the boring view with street names and traffic if need be.