Google Searches for ‘Fries’ and ‘Liquor Stores Near Me’ Hit All-Time High on Election Night

Anxiety hit a fever pitch on Tuesday

Fries beer election 2020 Google searches
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Internet searches for “fries near me” and “liquor stores near me” skyrocketed to all-time highs on Tuesday night as across the country, Americans desperately looked for ways to assuage their anxiety on election night.

Google Trends reported the upticks along with some useful graphs that clearly show the spike in apparent demand for late-night drinks and munchies. In addition, searches for “move to Canada” were also on the rise as the early election results showed a tight contest between President Trump and Democrat Joe Biden.

All that anxiety is likely due to the uncertainty as to who will be declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election. Though a record-high number of over 101 million early votes were cast, it’s extremely unlikely that a winner will be declared on election night as has been customary in elections past.

“Too soon to tell” was a common phrase uttered by news anchors, who had little comfort to offer viewers biting their nails at home and eagerly awaiting a victor — either Trump or Biden. This was compounded by the critical battleground state of Pennsylvania’s decision not to report any more numbers until Wednesday morning.

But there was some good news that came out of election night — the U.S. just found its first-ever transgender state senator in democrat Sarah McBride, who was elected Tuesday in Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware. And Ritchie Torres, a Democrat from New York made history as the first Afro-Latino LGBTQ person elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.


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