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Google+, SoundCloud Team Up on Music Sharing Plug-In

Pearl Jam, Snoop Lion and Armin Van Buuren among the first to use the new technology to share tracks

SoundCloud will allow its 40 million users to seamlessly integrate the sounds and music they create to their Google+ accounts.

The service has teamed up with the likes of Pearl Jam, Snoop Lion and Armin Van Buuren to draw attention to the offering by having them upload their latest tracks on Google's social network.  

SoundCloud said that its members can now embed the URL of the music, speeches or other audio they create to their Google+ circles and a widget will appear, automatically in the post. Members of their circles can then listen to their creations without having to open a new tab.

The SoundCloud announcement represents the first time Google+ has allowed a third-party to create plug-in audio files, according to a report on Mashable.

It's another way for Google+ to try to differentiate itself from its main rival Facebook. Google+ boasts 359 million active users, according to a study last May by GlobalWebIndex. In December, the company said 500 million people had opened accounts.

In contrast, Facebook dwarfs those numbers with its 700 million daily users.