Google to Suspend Political Ads After Election Day

Ads “referencing candidates, the election, or its outcome” will be suspended after polls close

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Google will stop running political ads after polls close on Nov. 3, the company confirmed to TheWrap on Friday.

In an email, first obtained by Axios, Google said advertisers will be blocked from running ads “referencing candidates, the election, or its outcome, given that an unprecedented amount of votes will be counted after election day this year.”

The ad suspensions will also apply to other Google platforms with ads, which includes YouTube. It is not immediately clear when the ad suspension policy will be lifted, and a spokesperson for Google said the company would “examine a number of factors before doing so.”

Earlier this month, Facebook also said it would ban political ads the week before Election Day and would add warning labels to posts that declared a victory before final results were in or otherwise sought to “delegitimize the outcome of the election.”

According to data compiled by Advertising Analytics, a company that monitors ad spending from both presidential campaigns, Biden has spent $42.2 million on campaign ads this week while Trump has spent $17.5 million.


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