‘Goonies’ Star Sean Astin Drops Bad News for Possible Sequel: ‘They Can’t Figure It Out’ (Video)

But the good news is, Steven Spielberg and other creatives involved in the ’80s classic “want to” and “they’re trying”

Actor Sean Astin spoke with Larry King about a potential “Goonies” sequel, telling him it’s hard to create an encore to a masterpiece.

“They want to — they’re trying. They can’t figure it out” he said about Steven Spielberg and other creators of the 1980’s hit adventure flick wanting to make a sequel.

“Something special happened with that movie. I mean really special. You can’t imagine how much people love this movie from the 80s, that almost doesn’t hold up in terms of the quality,” Astin said, adding that Spielberg had a this “magic poetry in him.”

When King pressed him on whether another “Goonies” is actually in the works, he said it’s not an easy feat.

“It’s really hard to engineer that. And, now they’ve got all this time to think about it. It’s hard.”

“The Goonies,” which was directed by Richard Donner and written by Chris Columbus with story credit for Spielberg, is quickly approaching the 30th anniversary of its June 7, 1987 theatrical release from Warner Bros. Other stars in the beloved family adventure film about a group of outcasts in search of underground treasure include Corey Feldman, Martha Plimpton, Kerri Green Josh Brolin.

Watch the video below.