GOP Debate: Buffalo Wild Wings Fans Bite Back at Marco Rubio on Social Media

While slamming his GOP rival’s Trump University, Rubio says the school hired an instructor who “was a manager at a Buffalo Wild Wings”

Last Updated: March 4, 2016 @ 2:06 PM

There was plenty of squabbling during the GOP debate on Thursday night — and not just between frontrunner Donald Trump and Fox News’ Megyn Kelly.

While the moderator said the billionaire candidate “fleeced” students of Trump University, citing a class-action suit of 5,000 plaintiffs involving “veterans, teachers and little guys,” it was Marco Rubio who managed to start a Twitter trend by dissing Buffalo Wild Wings.

The Florida senator slammed Trump saying that the school hired an instructor who “was a manager at a Buffalo Wild Wings.”

Rather than sparking support for Trump University, the comment prompted an outpouring of support for Buffalo Wild Wings — and made the sports bar franchise founded in Columbus, Ohio, a top trend on Twitter.

“I very much enjoy the wings at Buffalo Wild Wings. Marco Rubio is a wuss. Although I will admit BWW attracts #meatheads during NFL games,” one supporter tweeted.

“The Managers of All Buffalo Wild Wings Don’t Endorse these Messages,” another said.

“Someone should really ask Little Marco what’s wrong with being a Manager at Buffalo Wild Wings. I mean isn’t JOBS the point?” came the more serious response from a Trump supporter.

Known for its wings, beer, sports and fiery hot sauce, Buffalo Wild Wings — dubbed bw3 — has millions of supporters around the country who flock to the company’s 1,175 locations nationwide, with one regular wisely concluding that Rubio was hating on the chain because “he can’t handle more than Honey BBQ on the heat scale.”

See video of Rubio’s comment and the Twitter response below.