‘The View': Whoopi Goldberg Says Donald Trump Is Really ‘Scaring People’ (Video)

“Americans are afraid,” moderator opines. “People who grew up here are afraid”

Donald Trump is really “scaring people,” “The View” moderator Whoopi Goldberg said Wednesday while recapping last night’s CNN GOP Debate.

“[A] dog and pony show is always entertaining for a lot of people,” she admitted, before adding: “[But] this guy’s not funny. I’m sorry.”

“Trump is not funny,” Goldberg reiterated. “He’s scaring people. People are afraid — Americans are afraid. People who grew up here are afraid.”

The longest-tenured co-host added later: “I’m constantly surprised at who is supporting him, and I don’t know if the people supporting him realize that a lot of what he wants to do is unconstitutional.”

“He wants to be liked,” both Raven-Symone and Goldberg took turns saying of the GOP frontrunner.

“Well, he’s not,” Behar quickly quipped.

“He’s very thin-skinned, as most bullies are,” the comedian continued. “If you go after him, he goes berserk.”

Behar continued that assault on the candidate that she believes to be a dangerous one, calling Trump “vapid.”

“It’s … bologney,” Behar added. “There’s no content to what he’s saying.”

The Trump-bashing continued in the early going during Wednesday’s daytime day part.

“This is bigotory,” Goldberg stated across ABC’s airwaves, adding: “Is that even a word?”

It is not.

Watch the video above.