Adam Kinzinger, Republican Member of Jan. 6 Committee, Joins CNN Days After Leaving Congress

Kinzinger served six terms in the House before retiring at the end of 2022

Adam Kinzinger on CNN

Republican Adam Kinzinger has lined up a new gig just days after the formal end of his congressional career: Senior Political Commentator on CNN.

The ex-congressman, a member of the Jan. 6 committee who emerged as a critic of former president Donald Trump and the larger Republican party over the last two years, made his debut on the network during Wednesday’s episode of “Erin Burnett Outfront.”

Kinzinger, who represented Illinois’ 16th district, has been a staple on CNN over that time thanks to his membership on the committee. As a result, there has long been some speculation that he would end up on the network once he left Congress. He announced he wouldn’t seek reelection in October 2021.

Kinzinger is an Air Force veteran who served in both of the Iraq wars; he remains in the Air National Guard as a Lt. Colonel. He responded to CNN’s formal announcement of his hire on Wednesday in a tweet, saying he’s “happy to join the team.”