Watch Real-Life Nazi GOP Congressional Candidate in Insane Interview: ‘Yes, I Deny the Holocaust!’ (Video)

“It is an extortion racket,” Art Jones tells CNN’s Alisyn Camerota

On Thursday, a real-life Nazi running as a Republican for Congress in Illinois appeared on CNN”s “New Day” for a chat with co-host Alisyn Camerota.

It went about as well as you might expect.

“Yes, I deny the Holocaust. It is an extortion racket, pure and simple,” said Art Jones, a former leader of the American Nazi Party during the popular morning show. “And if you did any investigation, and if you did any honest investigation of the Holocaust you’d realize that it is nothing but an international extortion racquet by the Jews.”

In addition to being an American Nazi grandee, Jones is also poised to seize the GOP nomination for Congress in Illinois’ third district. State and national GOP officials have denounced his candidacy but he is running unopposed in the solidly blue district.

During his interview with Camerota, Jones also blasted what he called the “Jew party” system.

“It’s one man, one man, myself, that’s standing for the truth and the news media can’t stand that,” he said. “The Democrats and Republicans, this accursed two-party, Jew party, queer party system can’t stand it.”

Despite all that, Jones insisted he was not really a Nazi anymore and attempted to reposition himself in Trumpian platitudes.

“For the past 15-20 years I have not had anything to do with any National Socialist organization on a formal basis. I don’t call myself a Nazi. I call myself and American patriot and statesman,” he said. “The only organization that I belong to is my own organization and that is the America First committee.”

At various points, Camerota struggled to express the depth of her outrage as Jones continued to offer fascist pablum.

“You’ve been party of anti-Semitic groups since the 1970s, you go to neo-Nazi rallies, we have pictures of you there, you were part of the White People’s party, you dress in Nazi garb and you celebrate Hitler’s birthday — you’re a Nazi.”

She ended the interview without thanking Jones for his appearance and expressing her great hope for his defeat in November.

The interview latest six excruciating minutes — you can watch it all above.