Gordon Ramsay Launches Culinary and Lifestyle-Focused Production Company With Fox

Studio Ramsay Global gets all of Ramsay’s current television business, with Fox footing the bill under the new overall deal

Gordon Ramsay

Master TV chef Gordon Ramsay and Fox Entertainment have struck one hell of a new mega-deal that will bring more kitchen-related programming to the Fox broadcast network, its sister streaming service Tubi and other platforms around the world with the launch of their new joint venture, Studio Ramsay Global.

Following a highly competitive situation, as other media giants were pursuing an overall deal with Gordon and his current production company, Studio Ramsay, Fox — the home of Ramsay’s shows “Master Chef,” “MasterChef Junior,” “Hell’s Kitchen” and the upcoming “Next Level Chef” — won the bidding war to launch and co-own this new studio with Ramsay. Studio Ramsay Global is acquiring 100% of Ramsay’s current television business, with Fox footing the bill for the purchase.

This new venture will allow the star chef and Fox Entertainment to “contribute their respective iconic brands, intellectual property rights and resources to a company that will be at the forefront of the global cooking and lifestyle program space.”

The new company, which has offices in both London and Los Angeles, will own and serve as the exclusive production home for all new series featuring and/or produced by Ramsay, according to Studio Ramsay Global. Fox Entertainment’s in-house unscripted studio, Fox Alternative Entertainment, will oversee the production of all new programs produced by Studio Ramsay Global.

Content currently made by the studio for other platforms both internationally and in the U.S. will continue to be produced by their respective production companies. As a result, Studio Ramsay chief creative officer Lisa Edwards will be broadening her responsibilities with the newly formed company.

Studio Ramsay Global’s inaugural Board of Directors will be comprised of Ramsay, Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier and Fox Alternative Entertainment head Rob Wade.

“This is an incredibly exciting opportunity, not just for me, but for the team at Studio Ramsay. We’ll be creating food and lifestyle ideas, but also developing an incredible new talent pool of food, drink and industry leaders to create our own culinary talent branch,” Ramsay said in a statement.  “I couldn’t be more excited about this new global partnership with Fox. After 16 incredible years working together, this takes Studio Ramsay to the next level!”

“Gordon Ramsay is the definition of partner and friend,” Collier added. “He’s also the genius behind a global brand that represents integrity and excellence in food, lifestyle and so much more. Fox Entertainment is honored to build upon its long-term relationship with Gordon as, together, we introduce Studio Ramsay Global. Gordon has been an important part of the Fox experience for years, bringing an energy, entrepreneurial spirit and attitude that fits beautifully at Fox. Though you never left, Gordon, welcome back you (brilliant) donut!”


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