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James Corden Shows Gordon Ramsay Where He Masturbates in ‘Hotel Hell’ Spoof (Video)

Chef rips ”Late Late Show“ host’s new bed and breakfast: “Food was s—, music was s—“

James Corden runs either the best or the worst bed and breakfast in Los Angeles, depending on who you ask. If one was reading “Hotel Hell” host Gordon Ramsay’s guest review of the place, it’d definitely be the latter.

During Ramsay’s initial “Home-tel” house tour, Corden makes the world-renowned chef take photos with his own cardboard cutouts and even shows the “Hell’s Kitchen” star where he masturbates.

“This guy’s a joke,” Ramsay says into the camera, after being forced to sing along to Justin Bieber, “Carpool Karaoke”-style.

It only gets (somehow) worse from there. Watch the video above.

The whole house is a shrine to the homeowner, who even walks in on Ramsay in the shower to ask about food allergies. Not like those would really matter, considering the awful food that the Corden B&B serves.

Then again, dinner probably wasn’t as bad as the house entertainment — which is, you guessed it, Corden.

“Food was s—, music was s—, and you’re just terrible,” Ramsay summed up his experience.

In the end, there was only one way to make this “Hotel Hell” even border on heavenly — kick Corden out, and rename it the “Home-tel Gordon Ramsay.”