‘Gotham’: Jim Needs Everyone to Shut Up and Listen to His Life or Death Ultimatum (Exclusive Video)

Ya got (more) trouble, right here in Gotham City

The residents of Gotham need to calm down and stop killing each other if they’re going to survive. But it’s “Gotham,” so that is easier said than done.

In a new clip from Thursday’s episode of the Fox drama, which is exclusive to TheWrap, Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) comes before the factions struggling for control over what little clean water remains in the secluded city to offer them a choice: live or die.

“You can keep killing each other, fighting over what little water is left, maybe eke out a few more months, then die — or we can all agree right now to an immediate cease-fire,” Jim says. “The government will not annex a war zone. If we can show them that we deserve to rejoin the mainland, the supply chain will be restored and we will all survive until reunification. That’s the choice: life or death. Your call.”

Here’s the official description for tonight’s episode, titled “The Trial of Jim Gordon:”

After Gordon is shot in an attempt to establish a cease-fire, he hallucinates a trial for his life that could have deadly real consequences. Meanwhile, Ivy (guest star Peyton List) returns and puts her spell on Bruce, leaving Selina to defend herself. Lee has a life-changing moment as Barbara and Penguin consider their next moves.

Watch the clip above.

“Gotham” airs Thursdays at 8/7c on Fox.