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Grammys 2017: What the Hell is CeeLo Green Wearing?

The rapper looks like a ”gold plated Mucinex booger,“ said one Twitter user

CeeLo Green showed up to the biggest music awards show of the year and stole the spotlight — in a bad way.

The simplest way we know how to describe the rapper’s red carpet “outfit” at the 2017 Grammys is to call it a gold dress.  But Twitter had a few other choice concepts to describe for what the “Crazy” artist was dressed up as.

The former “Voice” judge was donned head to toe in gold. He had a mask/decorative headpiece with interesting geometric shapes carved into it. He had on a long sleeved, floor length umm … gown/tunic/wrap with raised studs. His hands were also either spray painted gold or he was just wearing a pair of gold gloves.

Goldmember, a Marvel villain, Colonel Sanders and a “gold plated Mucinex booger,” are only a few things that Green was described as on social media.

Whatever weird thing it was that the rapper was wearing, his get up seemed to affect to his personality as well as Green was making his way down the red carpet in a very memorable fashion.

The rapper began menacingly reaching for cameras, raising his fist and at one point even angrily grabbing one of the cameras. Eventually, he rode off in a convertible flipping a double bird.

Why he was so angry? We have no idea, but we hope he feels better soon.

Check out some of social media’s reactions below.