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Grammys Host Alicia Keys Suggests Cardi B for President in Timely ‘Someone You Loved’ Parody

The host says Cardi should take the reins in 2020: ”Cardi can you please show these people what to do?“

Alicia Keys got gently political in her opening minutes as host of this year’s Grammy Awards, imploring rapper Cardi B to take over as commander-in-chief of not just the Grammys, but the free world.

“Tonight we watch in spite of all the music we’re seeing…commander in chief impeached, y’all get out, let’s bring Cardi B in,” Keys sang during her opening parody of Lewis Capaldi’s hit “Someone You Loved.” Keys followed by saying, “Cardi can you please show these people what to do?”

Prior to her opening song, Keys made a not-so-subtle comment about the current state of the award show and public criticism about its lack of diversity which has pervaded the discussion about this year’s ceremony.

“It’s a new decade, it’s time for newness, and we refuse the negative energy, we refuse the old systems, you feel me on that?” Keys said. “We want to feel respected and safe in our diversity, we want to be shifting to realness and inclusivity. Tonight we wanna celebrate the people, the artists who put themselves on the line to share their truth with us.”

Though there’s no shortage of scandal and heartbreak at this year’s event, Keys ultimately tried to assure the audience that we were in good hands with her as the mistress of ceremonies.

“It’s the Grammys, gonna have a ball, and here’s Alicia Keys to get you through it all if you!” Keys sang. “If you like country or you prefer young thug, I’m gonna get you kinda used to hearing music you love.”