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‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Gameplay Trailer: There Will Be Blood (Video)

The fifth installment of the popular video game franchise will be released for Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 in September

Lock your cars folks: Rockstar Games released the gameplay video for "Grand Theft Auto V" on Tuesday.

The nearly five minute narrated trailer features in-game footage of the three main playable characters for the upcoming video game, the sprawling satirical re-imagining of Southern California and a variety of vehicles in which to traverse the geography.

The protagonists (or antagonists if you're Johnny Law) are former bank robber Michael, streetwise hustler Franklin … and Trevor — well, you don't want to know about Trevor.

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The three characters are interwoven throughout the story and players can switch among the trio. For the latest version of the franchise, Rockstar upped the mechanics and gamer responsibility to allow players the ability to effectively choose their own adventure in the fifth installment of the open-concept game.

GTA V comes out on Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 on Sept. 17.

Watch the trailer: