Granville Adams, ‘Oz’ and ‘Homicide’ Star, Dies at 58

Co-star Kirk Acevedo announced Adams lost ‘a long battle with cancer’

Granville Adams, best known for his role of Zahir Arif in “Oz,” died Sunday after a lengthy fight with cancer. He was 58.

“I lost my brotha today after a long battle with cancer. I don’t do well with loss because I’m unfamiliar with it,” Adams’ “Oz” co-star Kirk Acevedo tweeted. “Yo Granny we’ll be chopping it up on the other side one day. Until then… Rest easy my friend.”

“Oz” showrunner Tom Fontana paid tribute to his friend, writing on Instagram Sunday, “Goodnight, sweet prince/and flights of angels sing thee to they rest #granvilleadams #oz

Adams made his plight with cancer public Dec. 5, 2020 when he posted a photo on Instagram, lying in a hospital bed. “F— CANCER!” he wrote. Moving forward, he shared his battle with his fans with subsequent posts.

On June 23, he posted another one of him, still in a hospital bed, smiling. The caption read, “Here we go! See you on the other side.” The caption read, “Here we go! See you on the other side.”

A month later, he posted another photo. Still in a hospital bed, but the bright smile was replaced with furrowed brow. A month later, he posted yet another photo from a hospital bed, but the bright smile was replaced with furrowed brows and a look of despair. This caption: “135 pounds of post radiation badness,” followed by a trio of flexing biceps emojis.

In February, Fontana and Dean Winters organized a GoFundMe campaign on behalf of Adams and his family.

“As many of you know, our friend and brother Granville Adams has been diagnosed with cancer.  In only a few months, the medical bills have skyrocketed to astronomical levels.  Not only does he have to battle this ruthless disease, but now he has to fend off the hospital bills the insurance company refuses to pay.  In this quarter alone, the unpaid bills have piled up to $69,550.  We want to gather together and show Granville our love by clearing this quarter’s bills, giving Granville concrete support in his fight against this vicious disease.

Since Granville hasn’t been able to work for the past year, all the donations from this campaign will go directly to Granville and Christina’s account to help them pay the onslaught of bills that have been piling up; medical, rent, utilities, etc.

Please share this campaign with friends and fans of Granville and help spread the word using social media.”

As of this printing, it has raised nearly $100,000.

As of this printing, it has raised nearly $100,000.

Adams was best known for his recurring role as Zahir Arif on HBO’s “Oz,” playing a Muslim inmate serving time for assault and possession of stolen goods. He also had a recurring role on “Homicide: Like On the Street,” taking his character of Officer Jeff Westby to the “Homicide” TV movie the year following the series cancelation. He also appeared in “Empire” and the film “Magic City Memoirs.”

Adams is survived by his wife, Christina.