Vanessa Hudgens’ Heartbreaking Solo Leads 10 Most Re-Watched ‘Grease: Live’ Moments

Rizzo’s big number is a big tearjerker 24 hours after actress’ father dies of cancer

vanessa hudgens grease live rizzo
Tommy Garcia/Fox

If you didn’t shed a tear when Rizzo belted out “There Are Worse Things I Could Do” last night during “Grease: Live,” you either have no soul or were simply uninformed on Vanessa Hudgens real-life circumstances. Heck, a ton of people even had to rewind and watch the poignant performance again.

Per TiVo Research, 9:26 p.m. ET — when Sandy (Julianne Hough) stands up for Rizzo (Hudgens) after Patty makes fun of her pregnancy, and then Rizzo begins “There Are Worse Things I Could Do” — was the most rewound and re-watched minute of the Fox live musical.

The heartbreaking tune was particularly more so considering Hudgens’ father passed on Saturday night following a battle with cancer. The actress went on with the show 24 hours later in his honor, and certainly did dad proud with her performance.

Up next in the TiVo Research rankings was the smooth T-Birds performance of “Greased Lighnin.’” At exactly 8 o’clock, the fellas made an impressive costume change, as does the titular car.

In third was the impressive broadcast’s closing moments, as the main cast and a large crowd celebrate with some more “Hand Jive.” In fourth place on the night was the sharply shot drag race at Thunder Road.

Rounding out the Top 5 was the original “Hand Jive” moment, as Danny (Aaron Tveit), Sandy and Cha-Cha figure out that three is most definitely a crowd.

Check out the full Top 10, complete with timestamps and descriptions:

Time (EDT) Description
9:26 PM Sandy stands up for Rizzo, when Patty make fun of her pregnancy. Rizzo begins “There are Worse Things I Could Do.”
8:00 PM Danny, Kenickie and the guys are at the garage, singing “Greased Lightnin.” At this exact second, the cast makes an seemingly impossible quick switch from drab coveralls to sparkly blue and silver outfits, and Greased Lightnin, formerly a drab off-white color, is now sporting a snazzy red paint job.
9:58 PM During the show’s closing moments, the main cast members are surrounded by a huge crowd, singing and dancing to a reprise of “Hand Jive.”
9:37 PM At the drag race, Danny steps in to race for a nervous Kenickie. Music from the song “Greased Lightnin” plays in the background as the race begins.
8:59 PM During the dance contest on live TV, “Hand Jive” plays. Danny and Sandy are featured on camera, and Sandy — who told Danny she is camera shy — runs away. Danny begins dancing with another partner, named Cha-Cha, and Sandy looks crushed.
8:10 PM Sandy and Danny meet at the jukebox in the diner where Sandy is on a date with a jock. Doody begins singing “Those Magic Changes,” while walking through the diner.
7:32 PM Sandy and Danny come face-to-face for the first time in the gym at Rydell High, thanks to Rizzo.
9:14 PM At the drive-in movie, Rizzo tells Marty she is pregnant, and word spreads quickly. Kenickie offers to take care of her; Rizzo brushes him off.
8:56 PM During the live episode of “National Bandstand” at Rydell High, the dance-off is about to start. “Hand Jive” begins, sung by Johnny Casino (Joe Jonas of Jonas Brothers). During the number, FOX lost sound temporarily.
7:46 PM During the pajama party at Marty’s, with the Pink Ladies and Sandy present, Rizzo makes fun of Sandy’s innocence, and begins singing “Look at Me I’m Sandra Dee.”