Greg Gutfeld Seconds Jerry Seinfeld’s Masculinity Nostalgia, Misses ‘When Men Were Men and Women Were Not’ | Video

The Fox News host and his panel broke down the ’90s comedian’s yearning for a new era of “dominant masculinity”

Greg Gutfeld took time this weekend to agree with Jerry Seinfeld’s recent lament for a “dominant masculinity.” The comedian, Gutfeld said, is nostalgic for “a bygone era of real men,” something that he always agrees with. “I also miss the days when men were men and women were not,” Gutfeld told his Fox News audience.

“But think about the unbridled masculinity of yesteryear,” he continued. “You know what I’m talking about, right? A guy who could put the Marlboro Man to shame. A man’s man if I’ve ever seen one,” Gutfeld added as a photo of famously flamboyant pianist Liberace was shared on-screen.

“That guy, I bet, got all the ladies,” the host added.

Comedian and writer Joe DeVito chimed in and said, “I think this is why comedy is good for someone like Seinfeld – certainly for someone like me. I mean, I do the same thing. I’m like, where have all the men gone and when are we? And then I have to slip my superintendent five bucks to change a lightbulb I can’t reach.”

As he pointed out, while Seinfeld was longing for a bygone masculinity, the comedian was never known as being a stereotypical example of masculinity. He was known both from his massive hit sitcom “Seinfeld” and his stand-up comedy as being far from it, by his own admission.

Later in the segment, Gutfeld asked, “But if you sent, let’s say you sent a Gen Z-er back to the college campuses of like 1976, wouldn’t they have the time of their lives?” before Kevin O’Leary, better known as Mr. Wonderful, interjected, “I’m pretty sure talking about what makes a manly man is racist. I really do.”

“There’s no question,” O’Leary continued. “Look, this topic came out of the ’60s in advertising. If you really think where it was born, right here in New York, on Madison Avenue. The manly man, the Marlboro Man, the guy on the horse, the guy in the car. Selling all these products, establishing this supreme alpha dude, in the pecking order of what you’re buying, is kind of how it started. And then it became racist.”

Actor and former pro wrestler Tyrus, who is a mixed-race person, closed out the segment by speaking for “alpha men” everywhere. “We’re good.”

“We’re just chilling,” he said. “We’re all, ‘Listen, don’t worry, Little Seinfeld, we got you.”

Watch the segment from “Gutfeld!” in the video above.


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