‘Gutfeld!’ Joke Suggests Fox News Colleague Jesse Watters’ Impressive Head of Hair Is Getting Some Help (Video)

Not that there’s any shame in a toupee or hair restoration

Ever since Jesse Watters scored the 8 p.m. slot for “Jesse Watters Primetime,” his “The Five” cohost and fellow Fox News firebrand Greg Gutfeld has gotten in his fair share of not-so-subtle jabs and digs.

And now, we can add malicious rumors: On Friday night’s “Gutfeld!,” the “king of late night” suggested that Watters, the youthful 45-year-old with a full shock of dark hair, may have been covering up his participation in some form of restoration program.

Gutfeld did not specify whether he thought Watters’ luxurious chestnut mane has been receiving undisclosed benefits from transplantation, minoxidil, finasteride, spray-on color, laser treatments or growth supplements. But he did sorta make it seem like there could be a toupee involved.

The accusation came and went in a flash during the “Gutfeld!” Friday night ritual of “Greg’s leftovers,” a rapid-fire dump of all the jokes from the week that never got used.

“A new study shows half of men with thinning hair will avoid socializing,” Gutfeld said, “but then some will just cover it up” as Watters’ face appeared onscreen.

The crowd gasped at the bald accusation. A demand that Watters immediately explain himself was not immediately met Saturday.

But Gutfeld makes jokes out of outrageous innuendoes all the time – in fact, that’s how he introduces his cohosts and guests every night. And he’s been slowly turning up the heat on Watters, who he will probably see on Monday morning as “The Five” convene for their daily roundtable.

Has Watters enriched his appearance – and cable television host career – via secretly conducted semi-medical treatments? And if so, who’s been paying for them, if not he himself, whom it probably was?

Watch the video above (just after the three-minute mark) and decide for yourself.