Watch Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Rip ‘Morning Joe’ With Fake Medical Ad (Video)

Suffering from “Morning Joe Sickness”? Gutfeld prescribes Remotrex

greg gutfeld morning joe

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld once again put Joe Scarborough and “Morning Joe” in his crosshairs, taking a shot at the MSNBC morning show with a fake medical ad that jokingly offered a cure for “Morning Joe Sickness.”

“I used to throw up from 6-9 a.m. every morning, and I had no idea why,” said one man in the ad that aired on “The Greg Gutfeld Show” Saturday. But it seems the fake patient got better thanks to Remotrex, “which uses advanced laser technology to stop the sounds of TV’s most outspoken social climbers from ever reaching your earholes.”

If you can’t afford Remotrex — thanks, Martin Shkreli — Gutfeld suggests an equally effective over-the-counter solution: putting a bag over your head.

Gutfeld’s fans will certainly be grateful for the prescription, but it seems that other viewers might not need it. A month ago, “Morning Joe” got its best ratings ever with a Friday show that earned 1.7 million viewers, and the show’s average viewership in Q2 of 2017 set MSNBC records for its time slot.

“The Greg Gutfeld Show” airs Saturdays at 10 p.m. ET on Fox News. Watch the hilarious Remotrex ad in the video below.