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NBA Coach Gregg Popovich Sports Priceless In-Game Reaction to New Hampshire Results (Video)

San Antonio Spurs manager probably won’t be donating to Donald Trump’s campaign any time soon

San Antonio Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich is a terrific basketball mind and a surly fella. Hearing the results out of New Hampshire didn’t quite help that second trait on Tuesday night.

During the requisite post-first quarter on-court interview, Pop was his usual self — a miserable man of few words just going through the motions because he contractually must. On his impressions of the roundball game thus far, the five-time NBA champion simply told TNT’s David Aldridge, “We’re behind and they’re ahead … they scored more than we did.”

A fine summation, for sure.

The enterprising reporter then gave Popovich the New Hampshire primary election results, to which the coach could only shake his head over and walk away, more moody than when the interview began. The short clip is really worth watching, trust us.

It’s not entirely clear which winner Pop was particularly dismayed over, though it appeared that Donald Trump’s name made him sulk, not the mention of Bernie Sanders.

That would make sense, as the three-time National Basketball Association Coach of the Year has donated money to Democrats in the past, including President Barack Obama.

Watch the video above.