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Greta Van Susteren and Eric Bolling’s Twitter Accounts Hacked: ‘I Love Turkey’

Former Fox News hosts’ social media accounts are attacked by hackers claiming to be ”Turkish cyber army Ayyıldız Tim“

Greta Van Susteren’s Twitter account was hacked on Tuesday afternoon — or she must’ve really enjoyed a recent trip to Istanbul.

The conservative commentator started sending out several pro-Turkey tweets to her 1.2 million followers, including videos of rap songs in Turkish. She added a warm “I love Turkey” message, accompanied by a heart emoji.

Fellow former Fox News host Eric Bolling was also hacked, seemingly by the same cyber attackers.

A tweet sent in Turkish by Van Susteren’s account at about 6 p.m. ET said she was indeed hit by Turkish hackers. It translated to: “You are hacked by the Turkish cyber army Ayyıldız Tim! We got your DM correspondence! We will show you your Turk’s power! (You are hacked by the Turkish cyber army Ayyıldız Tim! We will show you the power of the Turk!”

Sounds serious.

Another gem tweeted from her account said: “They are fighting not only with physical strength, but with the power of faith, the Turkish army is a faithful and powerful army.”

Van Susteren’s account also began retweeting Bolling’s account, with them both sending pro-Turk tweets.

Bolling’s tweets, however, were a little more obscure.

“DEAR WORLD LEADER MR. PRESIDENT RECEP TAYYİP ERDOGAN WORLD GREATER THAN 5,” one tweet translated from Turkish to English said on his account.

He then retweeted Van Susteren’s hacked message saying, “We love the Turks and Muslims in the world. We condemn those who persecute them, especially in the United States, and we share their suffering . We love turkish soldiers , we love Erdoğan, we love Turkey.”

His account also had a pinned tweet saying he’d been hacked by “Ayyıldız Tim.”

Journalist Yashar Ali noted that Van Susteren and Bolling are both followed by President Trump on Twitter, and that the hackers sent the POTUS a direct message from Greta’s account.