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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Finale: You’ve Got to Be Kidding Us

Please respect our privacy during this difficult time

(Spoiler alert: Please do not read on if  you haven’t watched the Season 13 finale of “Grey’s Anatomy.”)

So by now, “Grey’s Anatomy” fans are used to being taken on an emotional rollercoaster ride. The long-running show’s season finales are no exception. If anything, savvy watchers have probably stocked up on tissues, braced themselves in case they have to ball their eyes out and/or throw things at the TV.

Viewers may still be recovering from Thursday night’s stunning finale.

After coming this close to believing that this was the end for Dr. Stephanie Edwards (Jerrika Hinton) — because, one, there’s no way she was making it out of that fire alive, and two, Shonda Rhimes doesn’t like to sew things up neatly for her fanbase — we get thrown a curve ball. Edwards lives!

Oh happy day, let us rejoice because maybe, just maybe we’re not going to fill our tissues with tears and snot.

It looks like our girl Shonda had another thing coming. We thought, just because Edwards didn’t die, doesn’t mean she’s safe for another season. Apparently, Stephanie doesn’t want to be a doctor anymore, but instead wants to go frolic about and live her life, see the world and be selfish or whatever.

So, we had to bid a sad farewell to Edwards. Oh, but that’s not it.

Dr. Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) was on a Save-Stephanie-From-The-Fire mission and was running around in the burning hospital, much to Dr. Maggie Pierce’s (Kelly McCreary) and Dr. April Kepner’s (Sarah Drew), objections. When Avery reappeared from the burning hospital, Kepner and Pierce both began scolding him for trying to be a hero in that I’m-Gonna-Yell-At-You-Because-I-Love-You type of way and when in that moment, apparently Kepner saw a flicker of love — and truthfully, we did too –between Dr. Pierce and her husband Avery.

Kepner ended up telling Pierce to pretty much go ahead and have at him because they both seem to obviously like each other and it’s totally OK. Awkward.

And while the hospital was burning down with Stephanie and marriages were being broken, let’s not forget that Dr. Owen Hunt’s (Kevin McKidd) sister had been found alive — and she was also Dr. Nathan Riggs’ (Martin Henderson) girlfriend, whom he had cheated on. Yeah, it’s a lot to take in.

Megan Hunt, Owen’s sister and/or Nathan’s girlfriend, had disappeared when she was on military duty — she boarded a helicopter that was flying into unprotected airspace and it just vanished without a trace. She was presumed dead this entire time.

So now, not only does Owen have to deal with the trauma of his sister being found alive, Riggs also finds out that Megan, the love of his life whom he cheated on, is alive. Should be happy celebrations for all, right?

Well, Riggs is currently romantically involved with Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and he’s basically the first guy she’s ever let in to her life following Derek Shepherd’s (Patrick Dempsey) death — and now Riggs is gone to reunite with his formerly dead girlfriend Megan. Great. Just great. Literally, no one on this show is supposed to be happy and live a nice life.

So, even though no one tragically died during the season finale — except that gross, rapist guy whom we don’t give a flying f–k about — we still had a tough time coping with this episode. Stephanie almost dies, but doesn’t, but still leaves; Pierce is in love with Avery and vice versa (allegedly); Owen’s sister is alive and Riggs leaves a perfectly happy relationship with Meredith for his now-alive girlfriend.

How are we expected to deal with all this emotional trauma in one night?

Ugh. Please respect our privacy during this difficult time.