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‘Grey’s Anatomy': Why Dr. Minnick’s Power Grab Is a Foreboding Sign

Are more characters about to get the boot?

(Spoiler alert: Please do not read on if  you haven’t watched Thursday’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”)

Tensions have been high ever since Dr. Minnick stepped foot into Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and effectively took over Dr. Richard Webber’s position, Director of the Residency Program, courtesy of Dr. Miranda Bailey. And on Thursday night’s episode, things just got a lot worse.

Dr. Minnick implemented Phase 2 of her teaching program, literally kicking the surgeons who have banded against her in support of Webber out of their operating rooms, and placed residents in charge, which made no one happy (well, except for the residents).

There’s the camp — which is mostly made up of attending physicians — who are completely loyal to Dr. Webber and have basically started a war with Dr. Bailey in protest of Dr. Minnick being hired and attempting to run things. Then there’s the other camp — which is mostly made up of residents — who love Dr. Minnick because she’s getting them the surgical practice they need. These two factions are constantly clashing — with each other and with the Chief of Surgery, Dr. Bailey.

In short, it’s just a whole big mess. Other than one of the residents killing a patient (not intentionally, of course), loyalties are being questioned and friends are being called traitors. Yeah, it’s ugly.

But because this is Shondaland, we’re not surprised. We couldn’t expect anything less than drama, drama and drama with a little side of drama and a hint of an ugly-cry. And this isn’t even the worst we’ve seen from Shonda Rhimes.

But that only means things are about to get even worse.

So will Dr. Minnick break apart Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and run some surgeons out of the regular cast of “Grey’s Anatomy?” We actually think so.

Not because we want it to happen, but because this is “Grey’s Anatomy” and after Shonda took McDreamy away from us, anything is possible. So, just be prepared for someone — perhaps even your favorite remaining character — to disappear in the next couple of episodes.