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Guillermo del Toro, Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams’ Cute Weekend Hobby Is Proof That Boys Will Be Boys (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel surprised the ”Pinocchio“ Oscar winner with a photo of the trio doing some unlikely shopping in Burbank

Guillermo del Toro looked a little surprised on Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” when the host whipped out a photo of the Oscar winner with Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams on a shopping spree at a hobby shop – to buy model kits.

“I know this store because I used to drive by it all the time; this is a hobby shop in Burbank, right? And if you look through, you can see this is Guillermo with Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams,” Kimmel said of the images in the photos, then asking del Toro what the trio was buying.

“We get together now and then on Sundays; I paint model kits,” del Toro said. “I paint mostly cadavers and monsters; J.J. paints like things like the ‘Psycho’ house. Steven has his ‘Hamilton’ combo.”

Del Toro then joked that when he was a kid, he was told, “You go to Hollywood, you’re a big director. You’ll be surrounded by models.” It turns out that prediction came true!

And the three creators bought exactly what they needed.

“I needed a really good color red, a couple of double zero brushes; J.J. bought a couple of cars; Steven bought a couple of tags,” del Toro said. Yes, they all had separate tabs, but del Toro remembers Abrams running short on cash.

“J.J. hit me for $7. He said, ‘Can you pay for this? I’ll pay you later,” del Toro said. “He still hasn’t paid.”

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