Anti-Gun Group Tricks Audience Into Watching Real Gun Violence Footage (Video)

Fans thought they were seeing a Hollywood blockbuster called “Gun Crazy,” but…

Gun Crazy gun violence

Anti-gun violence advocacy group States United to Prevent Gun Violence pulled off another “prank” intended to make people look differently at firearms.

The group set up a screening for a film called “Gun Crazy,” described as the latest Hollywood blockbuster. As fans were interviewed heading into the theater, they described excitement for the screening, hoping for “a good shootout” scene among others.

Instead, the audience was treated to footage of real gun violence, including mass shootings, store robberies, traffic stops gone wrong and other videos.

Needless to say, the audience members were singing a different tune about the on-screen portrayal of gun violence as they walked out of the fake-real movie.

The video ends with the words “Guns are not a problem / They are an epidemic / We need to change the way we look at guns / We’d be crazy not to.”