Guns N’ Roses Mock Steven Tyler for His ‘Non-Existent’ Role in Their Reunion

Band posts snarky Twitter response to Aerosmith singer’s claims that he helped get GN’R back together

guns n roses slash axl
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Welcome to the social-media jungle, Steven Tyler.

Aerosmith yowler Tyler was blasted by Guns N’ Roses via Twitter on Wednesday, after Tyler took credit for helping to reunite the band.

While not calling out Tyler by name, the group poked fun at the singer’s claim in a sarcastic post.

“Guns N’ Roses would like to respectfully thank the many people taking credit for our upcoming shows and everything in between,” the band’s tweet read. “Especially those whom we haven’t spoken to in numerous years who, through the power of the media, have somehow served a pivotal, even if non-existent role. We, and the fans thank you!”

The post is an apparent response to Tyler’s claim to Howard Stern that he helped nudge Axl Rose to make nice and get back together with his former bandmates after years of beyond-chilly relations.

“I did meet Axl in a couple of clubs, a year ago, two years ago, three years ago, and I’d bump into him and I’d have that talk,” Tyler said. “I said, ‘You need to get the fuck back together again soon, because we all miss you.’ Same thing someone said to me when [Aerosmith guitarist] Joe [Perry] and I were fighting.”

The group will play at the Coachella festival this year, as well as at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena in April.