‘Gutfeld!’ Audience Falls Silent After Guest Host Jimmy Failla Calls Dylan Mulvaney ‘Him’ in Trans Joke (Video)

“The king of late night is off … you get the Rodney King of late night,” the “Fox Across America” comedian said

'Gutfeld!' guest host Jimmy Failla
'Gutfeld!' guest host Jimmy Failla

Apparently there’s too far even for a “Gutfeld!” live studio audience – a joke that guest host Jimmy Failla told Thursday night at the expense of Dylan Mulvaney drew a cold, hard silence from the live studio audience after the “Fox Across America” comedian referred to the transgender influencer as “him.”

Failla, a former NYC cab driver with a relentlessly crass sense of humor, got a modest laugh with his first dig at Mulvaney early in his monologue. The comedian said he was overweight as a kid, and “growing up I felt bad for being a guy who grew up with a set of C-cup boobies. But looking back I actually wish I had ’em, I’d get a Bud Light endorsement.”

With a picture of Mulvaney on the screen, the live audience at Fox News studios in New York guffawed and clapped. Then Failla forced this awkward transition: “I’d rather watch 10 hours of him pretending to be a woman than sit through another second of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle pretending to be a victim.”


“Thank you!” Failla blurted and quickly moved on to his jokes about the former royals’ supposed high-speed car chase.

It’s not uncommon for the “Gutfeld!” audience to stonewall even Greg Gutfeld’s bad or potentially offensive jokes, something that Failla, a regular guest on the show, found out early Thursday. They clammed up at the first joke out of his mouth: “The king of late night (Greg Gutfeld) is off … instead you get the Rodney King of late night.”

Audience members and guests barely responded as Failla looked around awkwardly.

“Good start,” a voice was heard saying off-camera.

“Too soon?! It was 1992! Come on you guys!” Failla said.

Watch the exchanges at the beginning of the video above.