‘Gutfeld!’ Crew Spends 13 Minutes Trashing a Single USA Today Column About Transgender Athletes (Video)

The Fox News late night show dedicated an entire opening segment to Nancy Armour’s take on ESPN host Sam Ponder

Greg Gutfeld and the guests of his namesake Fox News late night show took to the woodshed an opinion piece published Sunday in USA Today, spending the entire 13-minute “Gutfeld!” opening segment Tuesday night shredding sports writer Nancy Armour’s 800-word column about transgender athletes.

Armour’s piece called the views of ESPN reporter and “Sunday NFL Countdown” host Sam Ponder on transgender women and girls in sports “bigotry.” Ponder had recently publicly sided with Riley Gaines, the former college swimmer leading a campaign against transgender women and girls’ participation in sports at all levels.

Gutfeld himself kicked off the kicking, calling Armour “ghastly,” “godawful,” “riding in on her broomstick” and a “hack,” and suggested that USA Today is “the official doormat for Americans staying at low-priced hotels.”

Then things got mean.

“‘This is and always was about hate, fear and ignorance,’” Gutfeld said, quoting Armour’s piece. Then he continued, “Well, if you’re talking about your columns, you couldn’t be more right. They suck. This broad accuses Ponder of screeching, but she’s not the one leveling unprovable accusations. It seems to me, oh, Nancy is projecting like a drive-in theater.”

While it’s not altogether unusual for “Gutfeld!” to stay on a single topic at the top the show, Tuesday’s takedown was particularly savage, as the entire segment was pointed directly at a single journalist and never let up from the contents of her one column.

Gutfeld also picked on Armour’s suggestion that transgender women are among society’s most vulnerable people.

“So, who’s she talking about? Men. She’s talking about men. See, here’s the thought process. All men are evil, right up to the moment they decide they’re actually women… But Nancy is a female sports writer, not a young superlative athlete. So that might be the problem here. And the failure spite. She’s not a winner like they are and she hates them for it. But I’ll bet Armour still considers herself a feminist. And I’m not saying that because she looks like a young Pete Rose.”

“What did Pete Rose do to anybody?” panelist and pro wrestling champ Tyrus protested.

From there, Gutfeld began throwing the topic around to his panelists, who all took their turns while staying squarely on the topic of Armour’s piece — but not before Gutfeld got in one last lick: “Basic human biology isn’t going to change no matter how many cruddy columns Nancy craps out. Terrible writing might be in her DNA but a Y chromosome isn’t.”

Watch the 13-minute clip in its entirety above.