‘Gutfeld!’ Guest Reveals a 2nd Presidential Candidate Who Approached Aaron Rodgers About a VP Run | Video

“This is not the first candidate who has talked to Aaron Rodgers,” Michele Tafoya says about the Jets quarterback

Aaron Rodgers’ potential second career as a politician may have kicked off well before Robert F. Kennedy Jr. floated him as a candidate for vice president – as a guest on “Gutfeld!” revealed this week that a Republican presidential hopeful had previously contacted the Jets quarterback about considering the job.

The tidbit quietly slipped out Wednesday as Michele Tafoya joined the Fox News late-night panelists in batting around ideas for the 2024 veepstakes.

“Speculation runs deep on who will be VP as Trump and Biden clinch nominations. But what about RFK, the third-party candidate, considering New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers and former pro wrestler and Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura?” host Greg Gutfeld asked, turning to Kat Timpf: “Aaron Rodgers leans libertarian, is that appealing to you?”

“Yeah, but RFK isn’t [libertarian],” Timpf replied. “That’s just what people say on Twitter.”

Gutfeld noted that he believes RFK’s shortlist for VP was “designed not to look partisan,” in order to get a larger percentage of the vote while running as an independent candidate. 

“If Biden loses, they will blame RFK. If Trump loses, they will blame RFK,” Gutfeld continued. “So they’d better pick somebody not right or left.”

That’s when Tafoya, a former longtime NFL reporter, chimed in, saying: “I know for a fact that Aaron Rodgers received interest from another candidate as well. This is not the first candidate who has talked to Aaron Rodgers.”

And in case you suspected this was a blind item – it’s not. Tafoya, a trusty sideline reporter with decades of source-building at the highest levels of many major sports – named names.

“So this is not the first candidate that’s talked to Aaron Rodgers,” she continued, looking off to the side before saying: “Vivek Ramaswamy.”

“It is true. I know this for a fact,” Tafoya said.


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