‘Gutfeld!’ Gang Stands With SF Giants’ New National Anthem Policy: ‘Should Patriotism Be Enforced?’ | Video

“It’s probably the most rebellious thing you can do in San Francisco,” Kat Timpf says. “Is this like an attempt at a rebrand?”

San Francisco Giants manager Bob Melvin has implemented a new team policy requiring all players to stand during the national anthem – and on Tuesday, the entire “Gutfeld!” gang stood to applaud.

“Isn’t this kind of rebellious to do in San Francisco?” host Greg Gutfeld said, asking the question: “Should patriotism be enforced?”

If so, the City by the Bay is an interesting place to do it. Melvin, a former Giants backup catcher and newly installed manager, said explicitly that the move wasn’t at all political – but instead is meant to show that his team is together and “ready to play.”

“Gutfeld!” panelist Kat Timpf joked that it might be a bigger-picture move for the deep blue city.

“Is this like, an attempt at a rebrand?” she quipped.

“Maybe,” Gutfeld said. “I feel it is very, ‘One of those things is not like the other. … I think people are concerned about San Francisco for a lot of reasons. The way he said it – again, he said ‘I don’t intend for this to be political’ – [and] for most people it isn’t. … It will be interesting to see if anything happens – or, if actually, nothing happens at all. And if nothing happened, it’ll be so interesting.”

San Francisco has been a punching-bag for conservative commentators – moreso of late than usual due to rampant crime, homelessness and the exodus of retail businesses – but even with the beloved baseball team’s new policy, the Fox News late-night show aimed to keep it on the ropes:

“[Melvin] is like, ‘Everybody stand up, we’re heading for the – were standing up for the national anthem but shots might be fired and we might have to run out of here!,’” Gutfeld joked. “They are replacing the seventh inning stretch with the seventh inning go-see-my-car-is-still-there.”

Watch the entire exchange in the clip above.


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